Tractor Specifications


Front Wheel Tread54"
Rear Wheel Tread62"
Overall Width (Backhoe At Carry)81"
Loading Height (Clearance)11' 2"
Overall Height (Top of Backhoe At Carry)10' 6"
Overall Height (Maximum)15' 4"
Overall Length (Loader and Backhoe At Carry)21' 7"
Ground Clearance (At Loader)12"
Wheel Base (Diesel)78-7/16"
Wheel Base (Gas)77-3/16"
Front AxleExtra Heavy Duty, 7000 lb Capacity

Loader / Backhoe

Grading AngleUp to 110°
Loader Lift Capacity3000 lbs
Loader Breakout Force (Maximum)6200 lbs
Backhoe Digging Radius (From Pivot)16' 8-1/2"
Backhoe Digging Depth (Manufacturer Rating)14' 0"
Backhoe Bucket Arc (Stop to Stop)165°
Backhoe Digging Force8760 lbs.

Hydraulic System

System PumpDirect Drive, Gear Type
Pump Capacity 
  Standard Clutch20 GPM @ 1900 RPM 2000 PSI
  Torque Converter22 GPM @ 2100 RPM 2000 PSI
Reservoir Refill Capacity11 US Gallons
FilterReturn Line, Full Flow, Replaceable Element
Control Valve (Loader)Dual Control Valve
Control Valve (Backhoe)Stacked, Six Spool, Parallel Circuit
Loader Main Relief Valve Pressure Setting1950 - 2000 PSI
Loader Secondary Relief Valve Pressure Setting 
Front of Valve (2)2400 - 2600 PSI
Rear of Valve (1)1675 - 1875 PSI
Oil RecommendationCase Hi-Lo TCH Oil

Tire Sizes

Front7.50 x 16, 10 ply
Rear14.9 x 24, 6 ply

Shipping Weight

Diesel (Torque Converter)8995 lbs
Diesel (Standard Clutch)8845 lbs
Gasoline (Torque Converter)8795 lbs
Gasoline (Standard Clutch)8645 lbs

Cooling System

Type of SystemPressurized, Thermostat Controlled
Radiator Pressure CapOpen at 4 lbs
PumpImpeller Type - Sealed Pre-lubricated Bearings
RadiatorHeavy Duty Tube and Fin Construction
ThermostatStarts to Open at 177°F. Fully Open at 202°F